In 1940, after 18 years of service, he left the Department of Lands and Forests to sell tractors. During this time, he was requested to do numerous aerial mapping surveys.  The requests were frequent enough that in 1946, the Department of Lands and Forests encouraged Parsons to start his own aerial mapping service company, after which he consulted for Lands and Forests for the next 30 years. Parsons attributes his ability to produce accurate aerial identification to his early ground experience, repeated plane landings in order to verify what he saw while up in the air, and the use of the air service bases throughout the forest region.

Over his 50-year career, Parsons worked with 86 pilots, logging at least 10, 000 flying hours for 85 private companies and governmental bodies. The aerial type mapping or sketching programs in which he participated included timber resources surveys, herd counts, searching for downed aircrafts, and observations for fire, pollution and insect infestations.

H.H. “Holly” Parsons was among the pioneers of aerial map sketching, and will be forever known as one of the best.

Places, Planes, People and Pilots, Volume 2, Memoirs of a Timber Sketcher, By H.H. “Holly” Parsons, Edited by Robert Galway, Copyright 2013 by the editor Aerial Timber Sketching Memoirs – With other irrelevant notations that occurred over the duration of the fifty years involved as memories surfaced by H.H. (Holly) Parson,  (1922-1976)

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