This was the design selected by CAF modified to allow pumping out from inside the hull space, bulkheads in the hull, rubber covered fuel lines, dual controls and a radiator which would give exceptionally large cooling in summer and a small amount as required in winter. Vickers agreed to supply eight boats for $150,650 and CAF agreed to allow the first two to be built in England, shipped to Canada and assembled in Montreal. The British built boats which arrived in Canada June 2 had hulls made from a patented mahogany plywood called Securely Cemented Together or SCT while the Canadian hulls were constructed with mahogany strip planking over elm frames. It was discovered that the British boats did not have the ordered bulkheads therefore they were put in place during assembly. In addition wireless was installed as well as an aperture in the port front hull for vertical camera photography. 

The first Canadian boat (ES) was accepted June 25 and testing began, resulting in the addition of a bulkhead between the pilot and photographer cockpit, moving the photographer to the starboard side and the fitting of a screen in front of the engine to prevent loose gear from blowing into the propeller. Although the specifications had called for an amphibious plane there is no record of a Viking taking off or landing on wheels; there is a case of the rubber tires on one plane (EW) being replaced with wooden wheels. The water performance was very poor; hard to control taxiing in rough water, difficult to take off on rough water; takeoff too long; often porpoised on landing and very difficult to takeoff on calm water. This last problem was frequently solved by the engineer and navigator moving to the very front of the hull until it started hydroplaning then moving back to the cockpit. In the air it took 40 minutes to labour up to the photographic height of 5000 ft. and at this level its performance was so minimal that on bumpy days it would take minutes to regain altitude lost in a 100-foot bump. ...

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