The original H-Boat, HS-1 flew at Buffalo New York in 1917 powered by a 200 h.p. Curtiss engine which was replaced by a 360 h.p. Liberty engine.The first conversion to civilian use was done by an American firm, Aero Ltd. The next conversion was in Canada where a five place design, achieved by adding a side by side cockpit between the front cockpit and the pilot's cockpit, was adopted by the Air Board. In the belief that the extra load of a sixth place would seriously deteriorate the performance of the H-Boat no six place conversions were made in Canada.

The well known designation HS-2L is explained as: H for hydroplane, S for single engine, 2 for second version and L for Liberty engine. It was not a hot performer but it was available although described by some pilots as taking off, flying and landing at one speed of 65 m.p.h. ...

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