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The ST-27 is a modification of the de Haviland Heron 2 carried out by Saunders Aircraft of Gimli, Manitoba in 1975. The conversion included lengthening the cabin by 8 ft. 6 in. to provide accommodation for a maximum of 23 passengers, rebuilding the wing to incorporate a redesigned main spar and replacing the four Gipsy engines by two 750 shp Pratt & Whitney PT6A-34 turbo prop engines. Production ended in when financial backing was withdrawn in 1976.   Assets and rights to the aircraft were later taken over by Air Otonabee.

A total of 12 ST-27 conversions were completed by Saunders.

Only one ST-27 has ever crashed.

Aircraft produced

serial #Registration 
001CF-YBM-xprototype, became ACES of Columbia as HK-1286
002CF-XOKSkywest Airways
003CF-FZRbecame ACES of Columbia as HK-1299
004CF-YAPbecame ACES of Columbia as HK-1287
006CF-LOLST. Andrews Airways
007CF-CNTBayview Air Service
008CF-CNXAir Otonabee
009C-GCMLSkywest Airways, Voyageur Airways
010C-FFZPSkywest Airways
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