Kids have fun while learning in our newly renovated Children's Flight Centre!   So you want to be a pilot?    Learn how with flight simulators, arcade-style gaming consoles and interactive displays.  Experience a real airplane cockpit for flights of imagination -- what could be better?

Also, the Children's Flight Centre is the location for children's birthday parties.  Available on Saturdays and Sundays in non-peak season, it's a fun alternative to your average party!

The Flight Centre is the home of our Education Program for Grade 6 students.  Panels take students through all branches of the curriculum, with interactive and hands-on exhibits along the way. Learn hands-on about the principles of flight.

Kids can experience the exciting stories in our Wings over the North and Wildfires 3D theatres,  explore an actual fire tower,  sit in actual aircraft cockpit,  report forest fires over a Ranger Radio and vist a 1940's bush camp.   


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