In 1937 George Ponsford, Director of the Ontario Provincial Air Service began replacing older planes with the Stinson Reliant described as a graceful-looking gull wing monoplane.   The Reliants were purchased from many sources, including a custom built and luxuriously appointed model originally built for Hollywood super stars Clark Gable and Carole Lombard.

The Stinsons were radio-equipped and introduced two-way communications.

The first water bombing in history by Carl Crossley of the OPAS was made in a Stinson Reliant

11 aircraft in OPAS service...

registration acquired disposed comments
CF-OAV 1937 1948 crashed
CF-OAW 1937 1949 sold
CF-OAX 1938 1945 fair wear - wrote off
CF-OAY 1938 1949 sold
CF-BGM 1938 1949 sold
CF-OAZ 1940 1943 damaged - wrote off
CF-BGN 1940 1948 sold
CF-OBA 1941 1948 sold
CF-BGJ 1941 1948 sold
CF-OBB 1941 1948 sold
CF-BIM 1944 1948 sold
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