Mission Statement:
The CBHC preserves and tells the story of Canada’s bushplane and forest fire protection heritage and
how it has shaped life in northern and remote parts of Canada. The CBHC collects, preserves,
exhibits and interprets a collection of bushplanes and related material and promotes public
understanding of their significance by offering quality presentations, education programs and visitor
experiences in a public museum facility. It also serves as a centre of research and information on
bushplane and forest fire fighting heritage.

Connecting people of all ages to Canada’s exciting bushplane and forest protection heritage in a
world-class museum.


  1. to foster awareness and appreciation of the heritage of bushplanes and forest fire protection and their contribution to Canadian life;
  2. to acquire, restore, preserve and display a representative collection of Canadian bushplanes and forest fire fighting equipment and related records and stories;
  3. to present high quality and enjoyable exhibits, programs and visitor experiences that engage the public in appreciating bushplane and forest protection heritage;
  4. to share and celebrate the experiences and achievements of Canadian bushplane and forest fire fighting pioneers;
  5. to educate children and youth about bushplanes and forest fire fighting and their significance for northern Canada to ensure that this heritage is passed on to future generations; and,
  6. to disseminate information on bushplane and forest fire fighting heritage to Canadians and to people around the world.

The CBHC values and believes in:
Authenticity: It is rooted in and strengthened by its firsthand connections to real places, people and things. Access: It provides the highest possible level of public access to aircraft while ensuring visitor safety and artifact preservation.
Quality: It adheres to professional standards of program design and delivery, consistent with a museum of national stature and world repute.
Volunteerism: It respects and appreciates the contributions and commitment of volunteers.

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