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This is the story of an airplane. Not just any airplane, but a very special airplane. It could easily be about the great pilots that have flown her or some of the remarkable airfields and places that have been involved with her at some time or another, but it's not. It is the one and only Canadair CL-13 Sabre Mark 3, serial number 19200. Better known as the Canadian F-86 Sabre 3 and powered by the Canadian developed Orenda 3 engine.

Over a two month period in 1953, Jacqueline Cochran set five world speed and altitude records with this airplane. They included; being the first women to break the sound barrier on May 17, 1953, 100 km world speed record on May 18, 1953, 500 km circular course world record on May 23, 1953, 15 km closed course world record on June 3, 1953. She even managed to set an altitude record for women of 47,300 feet. General Chuck Yeager (the first man to break the sound barrier and at the time still a Major) also had a few flights in the aircraft and found the performance much improved with the Orenda engine. He assisted Jackie by flying as her wingman on several flights.

Autographed photo to Lewis Chow from Chuck Yaeger (Jacqueline Cochran in cockpit) thanking him for his help with the records.

Now is the time to go check your log books and photo albums. Because this little jet got around! It was one of 1815, Mark 1 to Mark 6 Sabres, which emerged from Canadair's Montreal plant between August 1950 and October 1958. The plant was at Cartierville airport, Ville Saint-Laurent in North West Montreal.

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