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There still exists some question about the primary purpose of bringing the Sabre 3 to Edwards AFB. Was it for Jackie Cochran to establish her world records or was it to give the RCAF its first high-speed pacer aircraft capable of accurately measuring the speed and altitude of any other RCAF aircraft?

The Sabre 3 arrived on April 9, 1953 at Edwards. On the 18th, work started in earnest with Airspeed Position Error testing. This was followed by calibration flights at 10,000, 20,000 and 30,000 feet. Dives were then performed from 40,000 feet over and over again. In all, twenty-nine calibration and test flights were carried out before Jackie Cochran even got into the airplane. Many of the flights were at high speeds and extremely low altitude (25 feet above ground level). Lewis Chow said that the day often started at 4am and credit has to go to him and his ground crew, as well as, Bill Longhurst, the pilot, for keeping the aircraft flying safely. All the calibration testing and training flights were done with the J47 engine in place.

Dr. Lewis Hong Chow with crew at Edwards Air Force base in California - Lewis in middle

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