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Algoma Aviation Week, August 8-14, 2016



Algoma Aviation Week is a gathering of aviation enthusiasts, veterans and families that will take place at the Sault Ste. Marie Airport. The event is organized by COPA Flight 66 and the Sault Ste. Marie Airport Development Corporation. It will take place from August 8 until August 14 2016 at CYAM. Our goal for this event is to celebrate and honour those who served in the armed forces, to promote aviation by educating the public about general aviation and to inspire the next generation through the aviation experience of COPA for Kids.

During the week, the AZCAF (Arizona Commemorative Air Force) and the Minnesota Wing Commemorative Air Force will showcase the B-17 and the B-25 aircraft respectively. Both of these iconic WWII airplanes will be available for tours and flights throughout the week. The event will peak on Saturday August 13th during the COPA for Kids program presented by COPA Flight 66. COPA for Kids will provide a motivational aviation experience, focusing on an introductory flight in a general aviation aircraft. These flights are provided free of charge by COPA pilots to youth between the ages of 8 - 17.

Saturday will also feature many aircraft on the ground in addition to the B-17 and B-25. The Royal Canadian Air Force will showcase at least one of the following aircraft: F-188 Hornet, C-130 Hercules or H-149 Cormorant. A large exhibit will highlight various general aviation and homebuilt aircraft for a closer detailed look with pilots and builders available to chat and answer questions.

Many of the local aviation players will be participating and assisting to ensure a successful and safe week. We believe that Algoma Aviation Week is a great opportunity for our community to discover and experience aviation in a tangible and exciting way. Furthermore, the event will provide an opportunity for those already involved in aviation to gather, socialise, and build a stronger aviation sector in our community.

For more information contact: Chris Biocchi, Communication Coordinator SSMADC     P: 705-779-3031 X.204

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