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April 27, 2019 marks the 45th anniversary of "Operation Frozen Tusker".

Operation Frozen Tusker was a training exercise that took  members of the 413 Squadron to the top of the world.  Major Dan Campbell from St. Joseph Island was one of the members of the squadron.  This operation required enormous preparation to fly  Labrador Helicopters to the North Pole and required the help of Hercules aircraft to supply fuel for the operation.   

The operation had two main objectives.  To test Air Transport Commands ability to react and deploy search and rescue operations in the Arctic, and to provide support to five scientist conducting experiments at the north pole.

As part of the exercise the scientists made history by diving under the ice to study tides, pressure ridges and marine life.  To mark the occasion they placed a Canadian Flag on the pole as well as under the ice.

Although the operation took longer than anticipated due aircraft unservicability and to weather delays, it was deemed a huge success. Seventeen years later, the full benefit of the mission was realized when a Canadian Forces Hercules crashed near CFB Alert, and the squadron was largely responsible for saving thirteen lives during the rescue

Pictured is a Labrador Helicopter during a rescue operation in the Atlantic.





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