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Bell telephone service suspended at the Bushplane

March 16, 2017

So our Bell saga is partly resolved. We have phone service again at the bushplane centre. Bell has made us an excellent opffer on our monthly toll charges and forgave the line disconnect charge in order to keep us as a customer. The toll free calls case has been referred to their fraud department. That is the part that remains unresolved. I was finally able to deal with a vice president who handled the situation quickly, professionally and effectively. So there is a mostly happy ending to our story. Thanks to everyone who offered advice, support and suggestions. It's great to know the fb world cares about the bushplane centre like we do.


 The telephone saga with Bell remains unresolved. A message from Executive Director, Mike Delfre:  I have spoken with the communications ombudsman and was informed our matter doesn't qualify for their service because we are in an unregulated area. They referred me to the Phone Busters, an agency of the RCMP that deals with fraud. They told me our complaint isn't about fraud and they referred me to the CRTC. The CRTC person (very polite) informed me I could file my complaint online but that they didn't deal with billing issues with a service provider. They referred me to Bell where I had to leave a message to have someone call me back. Eventually i contacted Bell customer service and was told our line was disconnected on Feb 17 (even though we have used it up to today). In the middle of this conversation, the line went dead- 3rd time this has happened to me.


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