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“Pat King and Jay Riedel Of Rollin with Pat & Jay Make generous donation to the Bushplane Museum



“The Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre was visited by Partick King and Jay Riedel of “Rollin with Pat and Jay”. They are “Rollin across Canada Speaking at Town Hall meetings, Educating People about the hardships Canadians are facing while Uniting all walks of life across the Land. Their stories will make You Laugh, Cry and have a new outlook on Our Great Country.” Pat having grown up in SSM has always loved the Bushplane Centre in his youth and wanted to visit our Heritage site to shoot some video to share with their followers. After a lengthy tour and stories of our strong volunteer core they wanted to say thank you to those people who have donated countless hours over the years and in a gesture of support they in return made a donation of just over a thousand dollars to buy us a much needed new set of provincial flags and two Canadian flags. The CBHC would like to say thank you to Pat and Jay and wish them all the best in their mission.”  Pictured with Pat & Jay are Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre Volunteers, Bruce Whitehead and Dick Hetrick

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