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Plane from the movie Blake donated to CBHC

Do you remember the film "Blake" by Bill Mason?. Take 19 mins to watch it for free because it's our Cdn heritage.

An American, Andy thinks the film "Blake" is wonderful. Andy noticed the plane starring in the movie was for sale in Illinois and contacted me asking if Blake James was alive. I told him he sure was and Blake is as charming as ever. Andy and Blake are now best buds. Andy has been working tirelessly on getting the plane in the film collected by a Canadian museum updating me and Blake at every twist and turn. But all of our museums (but one) weren't interested because it wasn't a war machine. I'm really embarrassed about that.

Andy out of his own pocket he bought the plane because he was worried this special Cdn hertiage plane was destine to the scrap heap. Wow Andy!

Andy has devoted his time to asking every museum in Canada to accept his donation of Blake's plane all had refused except the Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre Let celebrate!!!! Andy doesn't do FB but PM me and I'll pass his email to you. Andy has the plane on a trailer and he starts to drive Thursday morning Sep 8th at the crack of dawn to deliver the plane. Send suggest you send him some well wishes on the long drive up to the Soo.

Andy wrote to me "I received an email this afternoon from Todd Fleet, curator for the Bushplane Museum. The Acquisitions Committee have decided that Blake's old flame would be a relevant and welcome addition to their collection and have accepted the offer for the donation. Once they have her installed, they will fly Blake out to the Soo for the dedication and fly him back home, once he's done telling stories about her.

The installation will feature your Dad's film, or perhaps all of them that have this biplane in them, further exposing Canadians and other wayward tourists to your Dad's legacy. So how many museums are now exhibiting something your Dad was involved with? Here's another one! The Bushplane Museum isn't glossy by any means, but neither is Blake's biplane, so she'll fit in well with the other aircraft there and be right at home."

PM me and I'll pass your message along via email Andy I think we as Canadians should show our appreciation to this amazing American that thinks so highly of our Cdn heritage so please contact the Bushplane Museum and tell them your thoughts, in the Soo. Thanks.

Dedicated to Bill Mason: Canada's Canoeing Legend

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