The high costs of operating the H boats had been forecast by the Deputy Minister of National Defence prior to their purchase by the Ontario Provincial Air Service and as the prediction became reality it was time for the Air Service to begin searching for a replacement aircraft. In October 1926 Roy Maxwell wrote de Haviland requesting information on the Moth and although the company expressed doubts about the suitability of the Moth for bush operations Maxwell went to England in the spring of 1927 to evaluate it for himself. Despite the fact that the float equipped plane provided for testing did not have water rudders Maxwell was impressed with its performance and placed an order. The first Ontario Provincial Air Service Moths - G-CAOU, 'OV, 'OW, and 'OX arrived in Sault Ste. Marie in July 1927 and went into immediate service in Sioux Lookout, Remi Lake, Sudbury and Bisco respectively. These planes, assembled in the de Haviland's first wooden hangar in Mount Dennis, were fitted with Fairey metal airscrews and alternative float and ski undercarriages.

16 Aircraft in OPAS service...

registration acquired disposed comments
G-CAOV 1927 1928 damaged - wrote off
G-CAOX 1927 1936 damaged - wrote off
G-CAOU 1927 1948 sold to Don Barnes
G-CAOW 1927 1948 sold to Bill Hall
G-CAPH 1928 1929 damaged - wrote off
G-CAPC 1928 1937 wrote off - fair wear
G-CAOY 1928 1941 damaged - wrote off
G-CAPA 1928 1948 sold to Bill Hall
G-CAOZ 1928 1948 crashed in bush
G-CAPB 1928 1948 sold to Bill Hall
CF-OAC 1929 1936 crashed - wrote off
CF-OAD 1929 1944 turned over - wrote off
CF-OAA 1929 1946 damaged - wrote off
CF-OAG 1930 1930 force landing - wrote off
CF-OAO 1935 1942 landed in bush - wrote off
CF-OAU 1937 1940 destroyed by fire
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