The first of two OPAS Loening Air Yachts arrived in Toronto on November 9, 1924 and went into service in 1925.

The Loenings were the pride and joy of Roy Maxwell, the first director of Ontario Provincial Air Service, and he organized a major public relations stunt to demonstrate their capabilities- a flight from Toronto to James Bay and return on Dominion Day. With major media coverage Maxwell and Jack Caldwell took off from Toronto but on attempting to land in Sudbury for refuelling a wing tip hit the glassy calm water and the plane was a write off. Long after the event Caldwell summed up the flying characteristics of the Loening in a letter to Maxwell in which he stated: "I, with ninety percent of the flying personnel of OPAS., thought a medal was due me for having the guts to fly it at all"

2 Aircraft in OPAS service...

registration acquired disposed comments
G-CAOO 1925 1926 damaged - wrote off
G-CAOT 1925 1927 damaged - wrote off
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