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Mr. Billie Weeks of Englehart saved the lives of 150 settlers’ with his Gray-Dort Roadster on this tragic day of October 4th, 1922.  Mr. Weeks was out to examine some work when he came across the Fire just beyond Charlton and knew he needed to help. He quickly set off on a journey to help those in need. He would load up to sixteen adults and children in his Gray-Dort Roadster and rush them to safety.  At one point the flames overtook him and set fire to his car, smothering it however, he was not ready to give up. Mr. Weeks was blistered, his car was sizzling and running on the rims, yet he would coat himself in Vaseline and head right back into the flaming bush and blackness caused by smoke to continue searching for anyone who was in danger.

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"The Great Fire of 1922". Copyright 1999 – Haileybury Heritage Museum.
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