When the Buhl attracted the attention of the OPAS Director George Ponsford as a useful aircraft, the company had gone out of business. After negotiating with the Buhl brothers, Ponsford arranged for the plans and jigs to be sent to Sault Ste. Marie where the mechanics and engineers of the OPAS produced four Air Sedans. Much to the embarrassment of the Director, the first model powered with a 300 HP engine could not take off the river since the extra weight of the pontoons was too much for the engine. With the replacement of the power plant with a 400 HP P&W they served well between 1937 and 1948 although it had the reputation of dropping like a stone when the power was off. The pilots attributed this characteristic to the heavy Vickers floats.

OPAS modifications to the aircraft included specially-designed Vickers floats, a new lower wing and increased fin area.

4 aircraft in OPAS service...

registration acquired disposed comments
CF-OAQ 1935 1945 rolled over - wrote off
CF-OAR 1936 1945 sold, now in CBHC museum (unrestored)
CF-OAT 1937 1948 retired, now in CBHC museum (unrestored)
CF-OAS 1937 1945 sold
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