In 1993, Dr. Ken Cheeseman, a local dentist and member of the CBHC decided to build a “memorial“ DH83C Fox Moth aircraft for his father (RCAF Capt. S.A Chessmen) ) who flew the aircraft type for Parson’s Airway in Kenora in 1946.

A derelict fuselage was purchased from Watt Martin who lived in Grand Valley, Ontario, which upon inspection was not considered airworthy. Therefore a new fuselage was built from donated hardware and new wood materials. Drawings of the aircraft were hard to locate, however Mr. George Neal of Mississauga, Ontario provided enough details to further the project. Used wings were rebuilt and the tires were made in England. A Gipsy Major 1C engine was secured in a trade by John Lalonde, the Fox Moth restoration project lead.

In Sept 2017, the project was recognized by the province of Ontario and M.P.P. Ross Romano presented John Lalonde and the volunteer restoration team an award of recognition for their significant efforts in preserving bush plane and Canadian aviation history.


Registration: C-FBNI
Model: deHavilland D.H.83C Foxmoth
Operator: Parson Airways
Wingspan: 30' 10"
Length: 26'
Engine: 6.2litre Gypsy Major 1c 140 HP
Range: 105litres 600km
Altitude: 12,000'


1. Skeleton

2. Ken Chessmen, Red Elliot

3.MakingWing spars – Jim Scotland + crew

4. Building fuselage, applying skin(1.2mm thick)

5. Summer progress display

6. Applying fabrics to tail section, Jack Baker

7. Sewing fabrics on stabilizers, Jack Baker

8. Trim cables installation

9. Engine rebuild, Jeff Roland

10. Pilots dashboard and controls

11. Junior Pilot, Myles Nenonen
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