The KR-34 all-purpose biplane was built by the Kreider-Reisner Aircraft Company, a subsidiary of Fairchild Airplane Manufacturing Co. of Hagerstown, Maryland. It was first certified in 1929. The open-cockpit biplane could be equipped with wheels, floats or skis for operation in the Canadian climate. An uncowled air-cooled 5-cylinder Wright J-6 engine developed 165hp which propelled the fabric-covered aircraft to a cruising speed of 90 mph and a maximum speed of 117 mph. The aircraft had a rate of climb of 725 feet per minute, landing speed 45 mph, ceiling 13,000ft and its range 470 miles. Its' steel tube fuselage was covered with wood strip and fabric, and sported a door for the front cockpit. The wing had a solid spruce spar with spruce plywood ribs and fabric covering. Payload was a modest 897 lbs.

source: US Civil Aircraft, Vol 2, Joseph Juptner, 1964.

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