The Reliant was powered by a Pratt and Whitney 440 H.P. Wasp Junior engine providing a cruising speed of 120 m.p.h. and a range of four hours.   A sturdy, dependable and fast aircraft, it was adaptable to both patrol and transport roles.

The Reliant was nicknamed the "Gull-wing" due to its elegant tapered wings. It was popular with executives for its leather covered inside and was considered the Cadillac amongst planes in the 1930's.  One drwaback was that it had no heating system and the engine had to be heated by blow torch before it would start in the winter.

The Reliant was the plane of choice for Lambair; the only aviation enterprise in the world piloted by a father and his six sons. Their motto was "Do not ask us where we fly - just tell us where you want to go". This was demonstrated when they took on an assignment to fly fifty pairs of beavers from Northern Ontario to Tierra del Fuego the southern most tip of South America.

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