Silas Alward Cheesman

Al Cheesman, after a stint as a mechanic with the Aero Corp. in Detroit, joined the Ontario Provincial Air Service as a mechanic in 1924. In 1928 he joined 'Doc' Oaks with Western Canada Airways and followed Doc when he became director of Northern Aerial Minerals Exploration. By this time, Al was a full-fledged pilot; in this capacity he served with Sir Hubert Wilkins' 1929-30 Antarctic expedition and with Wilkins again in 1934 during a search in the Arctic for a party of Russian flyers. During the war he served with Maritime Air Command; post-war he served as a traffic manager during the Labrador-Ungava airlift.

In 1958, Al Cheesman, "one of Canada's most colourful and adventurous bush pilots" died of a heart attack.

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