The CBHC Women in Aviation Exhibit explores the rich history of female aviators from the very early years of flight right up to missions in space! The exhibit explores the achievements and accomplishments of pilots from Harriet Quimby, the first licensed female pilot in the US and Eileen Vollick the first Canadian woman pilot, through to Dr Roberta Bondar’s flight on Discovery in 1992 to become Canada’s first female astronaut and Julie Payette who flew missions on both the Discovery (1999) and the Endeavour (2009). The exhibit recounts the careers of many other pilots from barnstormers to bush flyers to Amelia Earhart to the first lady of fast - Jacqueline Cochran and includes a special section on the women pilots and engineers of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

in photo left to right: Women in Aviation special guests...
Brandy Wrolstad: Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources Aircraft Maintenance Engineer and currently the only women engineer working on CL-415 water bombers in Canada.
Kelsie Ball: Flew CL-215 waterbombers for Buffalo Airways and was featured on History Channels Hit TV Show "Ice Pilots" before flying for Canadian North.
Mary-Ellen Pauli: An Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources pilot with achievements such as an Outstanding Service Award in 1988 for her help in the great Canadian ice storm; the P.R.I.D.E Award from MNR in 2004 for her projects on James Bay; and the Governor General’s Award in 2008 for bravery when she rescued a family stranded in severe weather conditions on the Hudson Bay coast and, until very recently, she was the only permanent staff female pilot in the 85-year year history of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. Mary Ellen offers strong encouragement to all women who care to follow in her footsteps, and will be quick to tell them, "Where there’s a will there’s a way."
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