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Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre receives Award.

Corporate Vision Unveils the 2020 Canadian Business Awards Winners

Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre;  Best Aviation Heritage Visitor Attraction 2020

United Kingdom, 2020- Corporate Vision Magazine has announced the winners of the 2020 Canadian Business Awards.

Canada is, in many ways, an unsung hero on the global business landscape. Fueled by innovation and creativity, Canadian businesses have endeavored to make first steps into industries and areas where other countries show hesitation. A world leader in hydroelectric power, Canada has invested considerable resources in renewable energy, paving the way for immense change down the road. Canada is also home to a thriving technology community. It is an agricultural powerhouse and vital hub for manufacturing.


Corporate Vision launched the Canadian Business Awards to highlight all the businesses which power and drive these industries (and many more besides). Ultimately, Canada is a country defined by business excellence, and its successes deserve to be recognized and broadcast.


Discussing the success of the winners, Awards Coordinator Edward Faulkner commented: “It is with great pride that I congratulate all of the winners of the programme and wish them a wonderful year ahead.”

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