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We looking for an Education Assistant at the Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre

The Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre is recruiting an Education Assistant to design and create course content for its on line science of flight course and create material on line material to support virtual CBHC tours. This is a contract position that pays $18.00 per hour.  Resumes with covering letters can be submitted to the Curator by e mail at by January 21 2022.

Education Assistant Job Description


Design and create the course content for the CBHC On Line Science of Flight course to meet the Ontario Grade 6 curriculum requirements. and create online material to support virtual CBHC tours by

  • Collaborating with flight science technical advisors to review and complete the development of the course content and its presentation methodology for topics such as:
    • Science of flight
    • Bushplanes and their use – history of their development and the reasons for it.
    • OPAS History
    • Forest Inventory
    • Forest fire management
      • Aerial fire attack
        • helicopters, fixed wing
  • Reviewing existing lesson plans and teaching points and updating where required.
  • Designing and testing teaching aids
  • Developing demonstration methods.
  • Adapting the course content, teaching aids and projects to the on-line environment
  • Designing in class projects to support the lesson plan
  • Designing take home projects to support the lesson plans
  • Developing the Oscar Learning Management system an teach its use
  • Developing, testing and implementing virtual tour programs and products
  • Training the CBHC trainers and tour guides in the on-line content, its presentation and systems


Basic skills

  • Basic understanding of education methods
  • Knowledgeable about the use of computer based educational programs
  • Experience in course content development
  • Online presentation skills
    • Communicate and entertain
  • Ability to link course content to curriculum teaching points
  • Lesson plan development
  • Train the trainer ability to transfer the teaching material to CBHC instructors

December 28 2021

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