1920 Canadian Aero Film Co. flies HS2L to James Bay.
  Ontario Department of Lands & Forests suggests role of aircraft in Forest Surveys
1921 Air Board and Ontario Department of Lands & Forests begin aerial surveying
1922 bases established at Parry Sound and Whitney to investgate aerial fire protection
1923 Laurentide Air Services hired to do aerial surveying and fire spotting
1924 Ontario Provincial Air Service created
  Roy Maxwell appointed director
  Sault hangar built
  13 Curtiss HS2L H-Boats obtained
  first fatal flying accident
1925 collapsable canoes developed
1927 deHavilland D.H.60 Gypsy Moth enters service
  winter flying operations are started
1928 deHavilland D.H.61 Giant Moth enters service
1929 bad fire season
  Vickers Vedette acquired
1930 Fairchild KR-34 acquired
  Boeing-Hamilton H-47 added to fleet
1933 Sioux Lookout base established
1934 George Ponsford appointed director
1935 first Buhl Air Sedan built in Sault Ste. Marie
  flying reduced due to budget cuts
1936 bad fire year
1937 first Stinson Reliant enters service
1939 World War 2 begins
1941 becomes Air Branch, Ontario Department of Lands & Forests
1944 first water bombing expirement by Carl Crossley
  first Noorduyn Norseman enters service
1945 World War 2 ends
1946 first use of helicopter for fire suppression
1948 first deHavilland DHC2 Beaver enters service
  Sault hangar expanded
1950 first operational waterbombing
1951 Executive Flight Operations commence
1953 first deHavilland DHC3 Otter enters service
  Bell H47D helicopter acquired
1957 water-bombing demonstration from Otter with roll-top by Tom Cooke
1958 roll-top float tanks outfitted to Air |Service Otter and Beaver
1965 Tom Cooke appointed director
1965 first deHavilland DHC2 MkIII Turbo Beaver enters service
1966 first deHavilland DHC6 Twin Otter enters service
1970 Grumman Trackers land-based waterbombers added to fleet
1972 becomes Air Branch, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
1973 becomes Aviation & Fire Management Branch, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
1978 Beech KingAir executive transport added
1983 CL-215 enters service
1986 Bell Long Ranger helicopter added to fleet
1991 Sault base moves from waterfront hangar to new airport facility
1993 Aerospatiale AS350 helicopter added to fleet
1998 CL-415 enters service
2004 Eurocopter EC-130 helicopter added to fleet
2010 becomes Aviation, Forest Fire & Emergency Services Branch,
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
2014 becomes Aviation, Forest Fire & Emergency Services Branch,
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry


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