To pilots, the benefits of aerial fire patrols were self-evident. One private pilot in British Columbia took the initiative, and decided to promote aerial fire detection himself. The story was covered in the Victoria British Columbia Times.

For the first time in the history of this province an airplane has been successful in detecting a forest fire and reporting the location to the fire ranger.

While the airplane Pathfinder No.2 was flying over Duncan, Pilot Brown [a private pilot] caught sight of a large amount of smoke issuing from densely wooded country. He immediately proceeded to the spot, and on circling overhead, ascertained the extent of the blaze and the exact location. On returning to Duncan he reported the matter to the fire ranger who took steps to check and extinguish the blaze

For some time the Provincial Government has been asked by the Aerial League of Canada to institute an aerial forestry patrol, but so far nothing has been done. When Pilot Brown saw the fire he decided to show how quickly a fire could be located and information given for expeditiously subduing the flames.

Victoria British Columbia Times. September 27, 1919.
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