Grant Denley

Once wildfire was detected, pilots made regular inspection flights. During one of these flights, pilot Grant Denley had to act very quickly to save a group of firefighters.

On a fire inspection flight, Denley noticed a group of firefighters in a clearing with fire approaching on three sides. He realized that the heavy smoke all around them might have led them to believe they were completely cut off. He also realized that, if the men stayed where they were, their position would soon be most dangerous.

Noticing that they had a portable radio, he established contact, and circled above them until he had directed them by radio through a narrow stretch of unburned forest to the safety of a small lake from which they could be picked up by helicopter.

Aerial view of fire





“Quick-Thinking Pilot.”
Sylva: Your Lands and Forests Review Vol 11, No.6 (1955)
Photo Credits:
Canadian Busplane Heritage Centre [Aerial view of fire; Grant Denley]

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